Enrollment Steps

Step 1: Select your course(s) and fill out the application form.
Step 2: Submit your application form online, or by postal mail.
Step 3: Receive your course invoice and complete the payment (please contact us at opencollege@japan.lakeland.edu if you do not receive confirmation of your application within three business days). Acceptable forms of payment are provided below.
Step 4: Get ready for a great first class!

Acceptable forms of payment:

  • Cash (must be paid in person at the LUJ Administrative Office)
  • Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard only)
  • Bank Wire Transfer

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Takadanobaba Branch
Type: Ordinary Account
Account No. 1218916
Lakeland Daigaku

*Please include your full name when sending a wire transfer.

ステップ1: 希望コースを選択し、受講申込書に記入してください。
ステップ2: インターネット又は郵送にて、受講申込書を提出してください。
ステップ3: ご請求書受け取り後、ご請求金額をお支払いください。
ステップ4: 講座開始

三菱UFJ銀行 高田馬場支店
普通 1218916
口座名 レイクランド大学


NOTE: Online enrollment will send your application information to the school as an email; the school will then contact you for the following steps.

Enroll Here

If the school does not contact you within three business days,
please contact us at 03-3225-0425.